Display DS18B20 value on a 8x32 matrix max7919

Hi, i'm looking for some treads with a quiestion like mine but i can't find anything..

I created a sketch to control a lot of relays acording to a temperature from a ntc thermistor and display it in a 128x32 led display with adafruit, this is working well but now i bought a ds18b20 temperature probe and a 8x32 max7919 one colour led matrix...

I am a beginner as you can see and i have some days tryng to display a float value in my led matrix but i don't know how to do that.

I tried with some examples in the parola MD and max79xx libraries and it is easy to display text, but i don't know how to print a float value.

This is my first time posting a question in this forum, so i hope you can help me.


You need to convert float to text I expect. Look at dtostrf.

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