Display for Arduino, Heart Beat

I wanted to know if there are any 7" to 10" LCD/OLED screen and if so do they work with the Arduino. I plan to make a potable heart beat sensor with the display showing the heart beat(you now like the ones in the hospital), just for fun.

Thanks, poplap

heh, ironically, lcd's tween 5-12 inches are retarded in price, since the number one application of them are for mobile systems, and they can charge it (ie, the last place I worked for carried them, and they had a 4 inch lcd that no one wanted, I asked and it was 90! dollars AT COST, whereas you can get a 15 inch lcd computer monitor for 25 bucks on ebay)

for a "just for fun" project you might want to look into other alternatives, like a tv, but even then arduino is not very good at making video signals, just generating the signal alone uses up most of the cpu time

hmm oh well to bad but thanks anyway.