Display help

I want to reuse this display (with keyboard if possible) with my arduino uno.

, but i`m total beginner in reading this schematic i found.

I think "cn1" is this port.

Does the pins goes like this?
12 11
10 09
08 07
06 05
04 03
02 01

I tried myself, so kind tell me is this true?
1= Cpu reset
2= Lcd CS
3= Lcd Clock
4= Lcd A0
5= +3.3 VDC
6= Lcd Serial Data
7= DC COM ( ground ?)
8= DC COM ( ground ?)
9= RX Data
10= Busy
11= TX Data
12= Busy Main

Where to connect this pins to arduino.
Please, provide me some code to start with also.
Much Thanks.

Its been a week+ , cmon folks,

Too less informaton to help.

Connecting to Arduino should not be a problem. I suggest to connect pins 2, 3, 4, 6 to Arduino GPIOs (not sure about pin 1).
But without knowing the display controller name, display size and the display memory architecture it will be impossible to provide code.
From your pictures above it might be a ST7565 based COG display. But which resolution, you also did not mention. Of course you could randomly test your display with some ST7565 constructors from U8g2.


It`s been a week+

That might just mean that nobody can help.

Thank You Oliver

... without knowing the display controller name, display size and the display memory architecture...

Do i need to take apart this to see "some model numbers" on display plate?
I already disassemble it to point i saw some metal shield around display. I was afraid to remove that, so i reassemble it again.
I only saw that 20pin flat cable is attached to display. I also saw, big (~0,5mm dot size) pixels on display,
so it is a small screen with not so many pixels/row. Maybe 20x4?
Just to, mention... there isn`t a single chip on whole board.

...it might be a ST7565 based COG display...
...ST7565 constructors from U8g2.

Where to find those?

Where to find those?

Something might be printed on the flex flat cable.
But usually the controller is not mentioned.
If you even don't know whether its char based (20x4) or pixel based display, then it is even more complicated.

To give you an idea, this is one of many possible displays:

The controller (in this case an UC1701) is located between the flat cable and the display, below that black bar.


Thanks Oliver, i took your advice and
disassemble the whole thing and take some pictures.

By those numbrs ( 1st & 2nd pic ) i wasn`t able to find anything on google than 1 selling this display for xerox M118 workcentre.

Yes, it is almost impossible to get this device working without further information. It is probably a custom made COG LCD.