Display issue

Hi all,

I'm running Vista and the Arduino-0017. Very often, when I open an example I get this:

Can someone help me?

If you minimize the window, and then restore it, does it look right?

No, it's the same.

It doesn't happen always, but when it does, it also messes up the instances of Arduino opened before it.


Sometimes when I resize the window, it gets normal. Not maximizing it, just stretching it manually.


Did you find solution to this problem? Its causing annoyance to say the least.

I am having a similar problem, running Win 7. Uninstalled Java and ran IDE same issue. Then installed Java from scratch same issue. I have Win XP on VirtualBox, no issues there.

Well, mine only repeats in horizontal, yours does so in vertical too. Aren't you using multiple monitors or something?

No, I am programming on a laptop. I also have Win 7 on my desktop. I ran Arduino IDE and it runs smoothly. I think there is some software that is causing this issue. Now, I can't even type in my code.

I am able to fix that multiple display issue by changing the name of of java folder to something else, therefore, IDE will bypass Java Runtime, which came along with IDE. But I still have the keyboard locked. I can't edit and write a code.

Finally fixed the problem. This is what I did:

  1. Changed the name of the java folder in the Arduino IDE
  2. Deleted file named preferences.txt at location given below, where thebatosai is username:


Hope this helps.

Wow! Works perfect here too.

Thanks a lot!

lol sure.

I had this problem with Vista and I just run it in compatability mode (Win 2000). Works well.

I tried running in compatibility mode on Win 7 but to no avail.

Works fine on Windows 7 (without compatability mode) for me, Vista is the only OS that has given any problems.

Thanks thebatosai

Had the same problem in Win7, with both the horizontal and vertical duplicates, and used your advice to fix it. Created an account to show my appreciation.