Display Issues in TFT LCD (Non-touch)

HVGA 480*320 3.0/3.2 IPS
Controller :ILI9481

Hi Guys

I am newbie here and i am currently working on the above mentioned TFT LCD , the basic goal is to display the response of sensors on the screen but i am unable to display anything on the TFT and moreover i am facing issues regarding libraries whenever i try to run my sketch it says "Invalid Library… " .
Honestly speaking i am fed up with this stuff and need some sort of vitamins to keep it going

My sketch and error report is uploaded anyone out there who can help me out of this mess .

And thanks a million in advance .

Error 1.txt (2.54 KB)

Sketch1.txt (1.24 KB)

Install TFT_HX8357 library.
Edit the User_config file to use an ILI9481.

Plug shield into your Mega2560 Arduino.

Run all the examples.

If you have a problem, ask.