display issues

Here is the project I have been working on it is posted on this site


I used the board files supplied with the project and had them made by JLCP for $2.00 + shipping. My soldering technique is fairly good. The led on the driver board lights, but the main display remains blank. I emailed the address included on the page and have not recieved any replies. I have included pics of my board so if you spot any problems please let me know.

Did you play with the contrast adjust? It is the pot next to the DB9 connector

It's not plugged in...

How did you load the program onto the ATmega328 ? The 6 pin connector on the board which looks like a standard ICSP header but is not!
Can you find a schematic in say pdf format, which does not require a special tool to view it.

I put the chip into a brand new uno board and programmed it, I then placed the chip into my project. I know I did not have power to the board when I photographed it. All of the information I have on the board is in the link I supplied in my first post. I wish I had more information or knew a lot more but I am a noob at programming.

You'll have trouble without a schematic diagram.

It is here: Stackduino-v0.1---v1.1/Stackduino-fritzing-wiring-diagram-push-buttons.fzz at master · ReallySmall/Stackduino-v0.1---v1.1 · GitHub

However, it is a Fritzing (.fzz ) format file. You need to download Fritzing software to view it.

You can download Fritzing here: Fritzing . Hopefully, the version here is compatible with the schematic file.