Display LED 7Segment FYS-40011AUHR-21


I am trying to control four display LED 7segment 4" (101mm) FYS-40011AUHR-21.

I am finding very difficult to control it, using the MAX7221 or plug each single segment to arduino output pin (with resistor from 200ohm to 1kohm) but nothing the segments always are off, only the DP i can turn on.

Also i am trying with voltage from 1.5 to 2.5 (wihout arduino) direct to display segment but always off (only DP works).

Maybe it is a big display and need more component or a specific controller?

Please any can suggest me how i can control it.

I attach the datasheet of this display.

Thank you.

FYS-40011AUHR-21.pdf (412 KB)

Large 7-segment displays have multiple LEDs in series per segment, in this case five.

You seem to have UHR (Ultra Hi Red), with a Vf (working voltage) of 1.9 to 2.5volt per LED.
That means you need a supply of at least 5*2.5volt = 12.5, plus a bit for the current limiting resistor.
An (old) 19volt laptop supply could be perfect.

These displays are commonly used with a TPIC6B595 chip, one per digit.
But… you bought the wrong display for that. Common cathode instead of common anode.
(The “A” in the serial number).

Most matrixed display drivers, like the one you are trying to use are, can’t drive large digits (5volt limit).
I don’t know of any chips to drive common cathode.
You might have to resort to multiple 74HC595 chips and high-side drivers.
Or… buy new displays, and TPIC6B595 chips.

MIC5891, high side drive shift register.

TPIC6B595, low side drive shift register

Or TPIC6595, for a little more low side curent drive