display long string on 16x2 LCD screen (autoscroll)


I am trying to display a long string on a 16x2 LCD screen and I tried to use some variations of the autoscroll() built in function in the LiquidCrystal library but nothing will do. I usually get only some parts of my sentence, sometimes the middle characters. The example sketch that comes with the LiquidCrystal library only displays 9 numbers but I can't make it work for example 20 numbers. The LCD screen clears before it displays everything. Any idea how to make this work?


In order to understand the limitations of 'scrolling' (which is called 'shifting' in the Hitachi datasheet) you have to understand how the addressing works.

Follow the LCD Addressing link at http://web.alfredstate.edu/weimandn for all the gory details.


broken link... I have a similar problem.

Trying to figure out a good way of creating a menu using hat switches, but cannot figure out how to do long strings with scroll for specific amount of time. If I use a delay then it pauses autoscroll usually rendering the string unreadable.

broken link...

Well it was good when it was originally posted!

It looks like something has changed at the college. Since they have kept hosting this stuff for the almost 20 years that I have been retired I really can't complain. I'll see about moving the content when I get a chance.