Display motor current in terminal window of PC using DUE MCU

This is Sivaram from India.

  • I am trying to control the BLDC motor using PWM module in ATSAM3X8E(Arduino Due). I am sensing motor speed and phase currents using rotary encoder and current sensors. Up-till now I done the motor control based on Interrupt service routines(ISR) in the application code. The time gap between the ISR's is less than 100 us. Now I want to see how the motor currents are changing dynamically in the terminal window of my PC.
  • I have gone through the MCU datasheet for possible options. It seems USB module in the MCU architecture is the possible option for my requirement. But I don't know any thing about it.
  • It seems that USART peripheral with PDC DMA is second option for my requirement.
  • If some one knows their is a different way please let me know How to do and from where to start.