Display picture on touchscreen TFT2.8

Hello everyone!

I have a 2.8 TFT touchscreen and I am using an Arduino UNO board.
I would like to display an image when I press the screen, but I don't know how to detect when you press the screen .. if anyone can help me by telling me what to its use would be super nice :slight_smile:

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I, you should see the link below, it even has exemple code to do some stuff that you could need:


when I try the example: UTouch_ButtonTest it says that the sketch is too big ..

In the directory of the library of UTFT you hve a file name SPACE_SAVER or the most close to that,
you need to open it and delete the lines you don't need!!!
But if the same error apears you need to find another UTFT, an older version because the one that you use is newer
and have many updates that probably you don't need and is too large!

Ok but I would like to make the code myself .. I want to use the examples on the site of Adafruit, using the example of me to draw on the screen and when you see a picture, I do good things but it is not there yet ..

My goal is that at the beginning I have a square with a green outline, and when I pressed I want to bring up a square filled with green, then when I remove the finger from the screen, I would the square filled with green remains 2 seconds and disappears, so there will be more than the square with green outline.