Display sensor reading on webpage

Hello experts..
I have a project that is going to read the water flow value using the flow sensor that is connected to Arduino MEGA, i want to display the values on a webpage using ESP2866 wifi module.
What would you recommend me to do in order to get the value displayed on tye webpage.
Note: I will create a very simple webpage (HTML)..
Your advices will help me improve it..
Thank you..


Where are you planning on storing the data to be displayed on your web page? Where do you want to see the web page from?

You can serve HTTP pages from an ESP8266 and access it locally pretty easily.

I like to connect to a remote MySQL database using PHP/HTML endpoints. Then use HTTP requests on the Arduino to hit the endpoints. That way you can access the data from anywhere and have your ESP collect and update your data.

It basically makes it like any web app using REST.