Display SSd1303 and Switch


Is there anyone who can help me with a project.

I have four inputs D, C, B, A that can be HIGH or LOW

A display SSD1306. When all inputs are LOW, the display shows

"TEXT 1" When D, C, B; is LOW and A high Shows the display "TEXT 2"


0 0 1 0 = "TEXT 3"


Put the 4 variables in the low bits of a byte variable in the order D, C, B, A using bitWrite() This will give you a number between 0 and 15 which you can use as the index to an array containing 16 text phrases

Pack the four input values into a single variable, and use the variable as an array index to select the text to display

The functionality you described is detached from any kind of application in reality. Therefore I assume it is a pure exercise that was given in school. If my assumption is wrong, please describe the application it has in reality.

The way you ask suggests that what you are really trying to say is:

Can someone just write this program for me quickly?
Can yes want no. My understanding of this forum is helping people to help themselves.

Write your own first attempt at what the program could look like. Then post this program and ask a specific question. If you work like this and everyone can see that you put your own effort and your own learning into the task, then this forum will be happy to help you.

best regards Stefan

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