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Hello. I am trying not to bombard this group but i am trying to display an image on my arduino mega 2560 with a 3.5 in display. I got this code via (BMPCODE - Google Docs sorry) from a 'Image2bitmap" program. Its just a simple skull. Anyway the code uploads no problem but my screen is still blank. The last thing it says after uploading is “AVRDUDE done. Thank you”… Any advice ? Also ive only gotten to display examples from MCUFRIEND but any other library example doesnt display anything , so i am a bit confused. I am also a complete noob to all of this , i apreciate any help i get. Here is link to blank screen: Picture of blank LCD display - Album on Imgur

The easier you make it to read and copy the code the more likely it is that you will get help

Please follow the advice given in the link below when posting code

Your program isn’t doing anything…
Because nothing is written…

“Image2bitmap” just converts the image into a data format that can be used in the code.
Doesn’t generate code to display the image.

You need to write the code (not data) yourself to display the converted data as an image.

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Thank you for the reply. How would i go about doing that?

I don’t know your coding ability…
Start by searching library fitting your LCD from using your favorite search engine?

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Well after searching i keep coming back to this :Arduino - TFTLibrary. after downloading all librabries and tring the examples i get the same problem that i posted here. uploads but device is still blank. This happends with all libraries except for MCUFRIEND

Read @UKHeliBob posts.
Then post the uploaded code and your schematic.

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is my new post readable?

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