Display text dependent upon case statement whilst displaying time on an LCD

I am new to the world of posting on forums so please be patient with me.

I am attempting to use an LCD display that sits on an Arduino Uno. I can successfully change the text dependent upon the case selected from an input.

I have written multiple programs with the same function of selecting cases but the input used to determine selection is different as I am undecided as to what type I will use in the end.

The different inputs I can use to select my case are:

Select case dependent upon the frequency measured by a digital pin.

Select case dependent upon the high time of the period of a waveform measured by a digital pin.

I separately used a program to display time which worked.

What I cannot figure out is how I could implement a clock display on the bottom row whilst having the top row change according to an input selecting between different cases.

By this I do not mean how to setCursor to position where the content is.

If anyone has accomplished something that sounds similar to this and has any guidance that would be greatly appreciated.

I can provide code for the case selection if necessary but its pretty standard.

It has been achieved so don't worry about posting sorry