Display values in the Android application

On ESP32 I perform minute measurements of temperatures, pressure, precipitation and other quantities. Is there a way to display these values in an Android app? I don't want to control ESP32, I just want to display values for me and other users. Thank you very much.

What range are we talking about here ?

For short ranges, use BluetoothSerial on the ESP and a Bluetooth terminal app on the Android devices

For Worldwide access, run a web server on the ESP32 to display the values

I want a worldwide approach. I would like to solve this within the application. I had a thingspeak. Is there another application?

You don't need an actually application if you run a webserver on the ESP32, you can just use a web browser to display the values

You should check out Arduino IoT Cloud. If you have an ESP32 that is Internet connected, then IoT Cloud lets you build dashboards that can run from your phone, and interact with your Arduino platform.

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