MY new 2.4 inch TFT lcd display (28 pins, RED colored PCB) is working with my uno. display ID is 9338
I used Adafruit_GFX & MCUfriend libraries
now the problem is all 28 pins in uno are occupied. I want to connect some analogue sensors.
how can i find out whether my display is using SPI communication or not. if it runs on SPI i think i will get some pins free. If it runs on SPI what are the pins that i should inter connect. I dont want to insert the display right on top of the uno as i want to connect the sensors too.

thanks in advance.

The TFT (and Touch) uses 2-9 and A0-A4.

The only spare Analog pin is A5.

But if you are not using the microSD you have the SPI pins available i.e. digital 10-13.


Hi David
Is this display capable of running in 8 bit parallel mode & SPI mode? I believe with MCUfriend library it is running in 8 bit parallel mode. To use the SD card I think SPI mode should be selected
can i do this with the present libraries or will i have to try Adafruit_TFTLCD library?

Thanks in advance.

MCUfriend library it is running in 8 bit parallel mode

The SD.h library uses the hardware SPI pins.

You should install libraries via the IDE Library Manager.
Then run all the examples that come with MCUFRIEND_kbv

If you have a problem, quote the MCUFRIEND_kbv example sketch by name.