Displaying and scrolling text on 128x64 LCD

Hy, I'd like to display a text file (from sd card) on a small display (http://m.ebay.com/itm/Neu-12864-128x64-LCD-Display-Modul-Yellow-Green-Hintergrund-fur-Arduino-/111536145676?nav=SEARCH). But the text can be really large, so I'd likento scroll through the text with two up/down buttons. I am a newbie in arduino, so my questions are.. 1) How do I display large text file on the LCD so it is on more lines? 2) How to make the scrolling? Thank you all =)

I almost certain that ebay didn't make that LCD. So, posting a link to ebay is next to useless.

Have you been able to display anything on the LCD?

How are you currently communicating with the LCD? ie Which library? Out of interest, which controller does it use? (That's not mentioned in the eBay listing.) Is it a KS0108 compatible controller?

openGLCD library