Displaying Coordinates on a Map

I want to have multiple Arduinos sending Coordinate data to a central server. Consequently, I want to display those coordinates on a graphical map. I’m not sure how to approach this. I’m a beginner with Arduino and to complete the project I need to somehow build a GUI for it to display right. Are there any videos or general help you can point me to? It’s just that it is harder to Google how to do some of this stuff.

A good place to start would be to tell the forum what the project actually is and what its purpose.

Display of a map means a huge amount of data, nothing for a small Arduino. I'd use a PC or RasPi for that part of the project, equipped with much RAM and a powerful graphics card and API.

There are a number of web sites that will place coordinates on a Google map of various flavors. I like Map Maker.

Then again a computer (Smartphone...) with a browser is required to view that map.