displaying data on website

For a college project, i am going to be sending level readings from a microphone to a website. I just want to make sure before i begin the project, my plan will work:

adafruit microphone ----> Arduino -----> mySQL database -----> PHP website ????

I would love some recommendations on how to store the microphone readings instead of mySQL (excel, CSV, XML etc)

And also if PHP is a good idea for the project. I had a ganders at ASP.net but there were few tutorials and they were all on visual studios, which i cannot afford.

The data from the microphone will be displayed on the webpage as a sound meter going up and down according to the level.

You can have the Arduino, with Ethernet shield, invoke a PHP script on server, and have the PHP script write data to the database.

You can have another PHP script on the same server, that clients (browsers) invoke, that gets data from the database and uses to render pretty pictures.

The data from the microphone will be displayed on the webpage as a sound meter going up and down according to the level.

Interesting web page display method.

If anyone could provide a step by step instruction on how to undertake the project that would be ideal. I need to learn everything from scratch

You need to learn how to handle serial communication with whatever your favorite programming language is. Your program will communicate with the Arduino over serial, your program will update your database, and, separately, your PHP program will display the results from the database. This assumes that your Arduino will be connected (USB) to a computer. If you have to use Ethernet/Wifi then that has separate requirements.

If you’re doing simple graphs then RRDTool is made for that kind of thing. It handles the database and graph creation (it creates an image you can embed in your web page).

If you’re building everything on Windows then you can just use Microsoft Access for the database and connect to it via an ODBC connection you create. MySQL, LibreOffice, MSSQL (as well as just about any other database) also have ODBC compatibility; going that route leaves you mostly database-agnostic so you can change whenever you want.

Im working on a Mac. I read to download Apache, SQL and PHP for the job so i’m thinking about going down that route?

I intend to buy the ethernet shield for the arduino and work that way.

I would like to incorporate graphs. What i want is two sections on my webpag. 1) the live meter 2) a graph with the average readings over an hour or so, with a C weighting value above it (like an SPL meter)

I understand i need to figure how to create C weighting part, but for now i need finish the live meter stage