Displaying Identification Message Blink Twice (or better scroll) b4 asking pw

Dear all,
I need to a science for 8th grade by creating a home security system. I ordered a Uno clone and RFID kit even though I would not use RFID (it was the cheapest way to get all the parts). I am trying to find way to LCD to display either "Tuku's Home Security System" to blink a couple of times or scroll and stop, before asking for password. Can anyone who knows programming help?
Thank you in advance.

Below is my code:
lcd.print("Tuku's Home");
lcd.print("Security System ");
lcd.print("Enter PIN:");
lcd.print(" By Samira Iqbal");

Which exact LCD? Some have built-in scroll functions.

Once you find that LCD model number, try searching Google for scroll examples.