displaying images with a LCD screen and Arduino uno.

im looking to use an uno to display some images, switching from several images. and play a sound based on the image that is displayed. but im worried the uno wont have enough pins to do this. what i think i need is:

tft lcd (might be using the touch as input) sd memory reader to store the sound files and image files possibly use a joystick input (left right and center) and the speaker output.

this is for a school project, and the professor has said i can use the arduino to program my memory chip but i can not include the actual arduino in the final project. this is why i need to use the uno since it has the removable chip. also that's the one i have.

would my arduino have enough pins to use the lcd screen, and other components ?

I don't see why an Uno could not handle your requirements. The LCD and SD card are probably SPI so that takes 4 or 5 pins, joystick takes 2 analog pins and speaker 1 pin.