displaying menu on lcd using arduino

Heres my code i followed this link Tutorial: manage menu and LCD display with Arduino – Coagula – Giuseppe Di Cillo
the problem is the code is uploading but i was unable to get anything on screen please help me out :slight_smile:

You haven't provided anywhere near enough information for us to help you.

Please read the How to use this forum link, then post much more information and details of your specific setup and problems, and what errors/issues you are seeing. It doesn't work is not a description. Have you wired it the same? Does the LED backlight come on? What LCD are you using? What Arduino are you using? etc.

The first thing you do is to get the simplest possible program or "sketch" working to display "Hello World" (or commonly here, "Hello Arduino"). Saying "I was unable to get anything on screen" suggests you have not done this preliminary. Even what you do if that fails, requires us to know your actual modules and circuit (by giving a link to each).

Once you have achieved that (and fully understand all of that code), you may progress on to more complex code.

It might help to know if this is your very FIRST LCD you have worked with..
Also , if you know how to check for the correct library and install it if necessary.
It wouldn't hurt to have a photo of your wiring either...