Displaying real-time data in OLED

I have been working (playing ::slight_smile: ) with an Herkulex DRS-0401_SER0034 OLED from DFRobot. This PCB uses an SSD1325 driver to provide SPI access to the display. It works :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
... that is, it works with static code. Now I want to be able to display real-time information and, try as I might, I cannot find a tutorial to get me started. Given the complexity of u8g2lib and all, I don't relish the prospect of hacking my way into Arduino programming for this purpose.

I hope someone will be able to direct me to a tutorial, video, book, article or whatever which will get me started.



SSD1325.pdf (804 KB)


Take the example, where it has words in quotes, delete the quotes and words, replace it with your variable name.

So simple! ::slight_smile: