Displaying SMPTE Linear Timecode from Audio Input.


After searching around it seems that there have been some attempts to realize LTC within an Arduino but most if not all have trailed off or have never been updated.

Has anybody been successful in getting an Arduino to read incoming analog LTC and displayed it on an LCD?

For myself, it would be used as a simple diagnostic tool to see if LTC is present and running but I am very inexperienced with this so I wanted to see if there has been, even rudimentary, solutions.


Quick search and I refound a similar question, and my answer to that question pointing to

You have two arms to your question - the decode and the LCD. Don’t expect others to have the
same combination of components to their project, find a good decoder, find appropriate LCD code
or library/examples and expect to combine them yourself, as the chance of finding an existing
project with the same building-blocks is much reduced, especially if you want both to be
close matches to your particular requirements.

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