Displaying USB Storage Drive "Name" to a Display.

I'm trying to create a program that will read the "name" of a USB drive and display it on an OLED display.
Is this possible? If so what would be the best way to approach it?
Thank you in advance.

Which name are you referring to? The name from the hardware such as manufacturer id / model number, or the name assigned to the formatted partition on the drive?

If you’re talking about the drive label visible in My Computer, i would take a two step approach -

1.A windows script that gets the drive letters and passes them via a serial port to
2. An arduino with attached screen

To get the drive label in windows command line (open cmd)

vol c:

where c is the drive letter.

It is possible to create a loop to work through all the drive letters using for in a .cmd/.bat batch script.
There are good tutorials on “using For in batch files” or “looping through all drives in batch file” (hint google that phrase) online.

Then the arduino just needs to listen in on the serial port and transfer the text to the oled with whatever formatting is required.

Hope this provides a useful starting point.