Displaylink through arduino?

I’ve got a Mimo Monitor 7" lcd that runs through USB, and I was just wondering if it is technically possible to run the screen through arduino or not. I know that they have released a library for it, ( http://libdlo.freedesktop.org/wiki/ ) but I’m not advanced enough to know if it would work right for arduino, or if it could be modified.

O-o through analog or digital pins, is it possible to connect and talk to a USB device?

(**NOTE: I know that the power source for the screen would have to be external, because it requires two USB ports on a lot of systems to run on it’s own.)

Just wondering, it’d be kind of cool to see an arduino use a larger screen like that. I figured maybe the data could be transfered through serial, but I don’t really know how USB works in that regard.

Short answer, no. This requires the Arduino to act as a USB host.

Longer answer, maybe? There has been a project to add USB host functionality to the Arduino via an expansion shield.

Regardless, graphics is pretty processor intensive.