DisplayTech 64128D

This nifty little GLCD was handed to me by a fellow co-worker. It seems promising...I dont believe that it will work with the KS1080 Library (I think) but there is a driver (something called uController) that is written in C that allows use of this display.

I would like to use this in my new project, but I lack the knowledge/Understanding of how to use this with the external driver.

Any help?

This is the link to the driver file...It says it makes it 'easy' lol, not to me!


I appreciate all help with this, even if it's just an explanation of what im getting myself into...I have built the KS1080 sketch, it was pretty easy to understand, but that is as far as my understanding goes.



I downloaded the code and it looks OK, what is the model of the display and where did you get it.

I am writing a universal graphics library and will try to include this model.