Distance Learning for Arduino / Electronics

Hi Everyone, This is Terry King...

What about Distance Learning so that the million+ students whose schools have closed can learn yet another new subject and build longterm skills that are valuable??

Several of us are working on Distance Learning courseware and a lost-cost kit that can be mailed to students. We hope to fund free kits for many young people.

See the in-process development of "YoungMakersArduino" kit and courseware here:


We will need experienced Arduino enthusiasts across America to learn this simple kit, receive sets of parts to make up the kits, and distribute them in their area AND distance-mentor the young people they provide kits to.

We have a partner in China who is DHL shipping parts to Vermont, We are working on setting up distribution from China to Mentors in USA.

PLEASE let me know if you are interested in participating in this effort: terry@yourduino.com I can ship you a free kit sample now.

This is being updated and worked on collaboratively by Terry King and Mary Alice Osborne, Barry King (USA), Jun Peng (China) Kuffy Ebong (Nigeria), and Elden Montagne (South Korea).

Good Initiative Terry King!!!

As per the statistics 91% of the world’s learners have been impacted by school closures. 1,576,021,818 learners are cut off from their classrooms 188 countries have shut down schools nationwide.

All these statistics in less than three months?? COVID-19 is worse than a global war!

i hope it will help the students.

Hello! I am a user of Arduino in Korea.

Your purpose is truly awesome. I do not speak English well. But I understood.

Can I help you if you get a sample? I want to know where to apply.