Distance Measurement with Radio Frequencies

Hey Arduino Forum.

I want to work on a project where my arduino knows where it it located in a space. I was wondering if it would be possible to setup a few radio signal emitters/receivers and sense distance. Is there a type of sensor or breakout board that I could use? I know that acoustic distance sensing, but I need something that isn't audible (which is why I thought of RF).

The total "volume," isn't probably going to be more than 3x3x3 metres.

Any ideas or guidance is highly appreciated. Thanks!

Radio waves travel at the speed of light. The Arduino isn't fast enough to measure the time it takes for radio waves to travel a few meters. Maybe you can use ultrasonic sound waves?

Thanks for the reply DVdoug. I thought that might be an issue.

I'll check into the ultrasonic option. Thanks!