Distance Measuring Sensor with 3mm accuracy for Range 0 - 4 meters

Hi all,

Is there any sensor that can be used to measure distances between 0 - 4 meters (indoor) with an accuracy of 3mm. For some reason, I can't use ultransonic sensor because my target object is paper/plastic which are sound absorbing material and may not accurately reflect sound. Any help would be highly appreciated. Cost is not a concern but accuracy is what all I need.

I am presently using parallax LRF and it has error percentage between 6-10% of measuring distance.

Laser can do that, and maybe radar. But laser is the way to go. Have a look at this : http://www.fluke.com/fluke/m3en/products/Laser-Distance-Meters.htm That is exactly what you want. The Fluke 414D is only 130 euros, that is very reasonable. But there seems to be no way to interface them with an Arduino.

Hack a cheap device : http://blog.qartis.com/arduino-laser-distance-meter/ Or buy an expensive one with an interface : http://loke.de/en/sensors/lmc-j-0040/ldm41 There are all kind of projects going on for lasers and distance and scanning.

I thought that Parallax had something that was easy to interface. But this one is not accurate at all : http://www.parallax.com/product/28043

A tape measure?

Thanks a lot for your answers. I found a professional tool from Bosch which does all what I needed. It also has interface capabilities with PC, tablet and smartphone. Here is the link for interested folks


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