Distance Measuring sensor

hi.... i need Distance-Measuring sensors that have a range of (1cm to 10m)
i saw an ultrasonic sensor (hc-sr04) but when i read the datasheet i found that its range is 1cm -5m so it won't work...so any ideas to how expand that range or any alternatives

What do you want to resolve at 10m? Do you want a reflection from a wall, a human, a pet, or a broomstick handle?

Refliction from a wall

I think you might need two (or more) to cover this sort of range. I haven't seen one that can cover as far out as 10m and still get back to a very small measurement like 1cm.

What sort of resolution is required?

I don't think that using two of them will be util because I will install them on tje robot itself.
1cm is not necessary. ..as long as it can measure 10m
An accuracy :- maybe 4cm+-