Distance sensor for a significant distance. Up to about 150ft

I was hoping that someone could lend some advice for options. I have need of monitoring, and keeping track of, positional objects. Essentially triangulating their position to assure they stay put. I haven't found anything ultrasonic that can operate at that distance reliably. I did see this option:

But that doesn't seem to have the range I need. Are there other laser systems that would work that are out there?

For this project I don't really need mm accuracy. +/- 12" would be perfectly fine.

There are several Arduino-compatible lidar range sensors that advertise 40 m/130' range (for example, the Lidar-Lite) but I suspect that might not be achieved in full sunlight.

What is the environment?

May be something like this - https://www.hitechtech.com/product/lds30m-oem-laser-module-for-distance-measurement/

Up to 250 m for high target reflectance or use of reflectors

Or get the objects to be active in showing their position

I use a TFMiniP to scan an area, store the scan and rescan and compare as a way to detect object movement. Thee TFMiniP is at the low end of LIDAR. Something like the Benewake TF03 LIDAR LED Rangefinder IP65 (180 m) might be more to your project requirements; Benewake TF03 LIDAR LED Rangefinder IP65 (180 m) - RobotShop

I can image with the TfMiniP a 2inch pipe at 500cm.