Distance sensor

I want to work with distance sensor to detect the object (pot) on the burner of stove.
my question is that is it possible to connect distance sensor to arduino wireless?
If no? what is your suggestion about removing wires around stove. because the temperature and .....


You care about the wiring having problems with the temperatures but not the sensor itself? I guess it's much easier to get wires that withstands the stove temperatures than to get a sensor that does the same.

What kind of distance sensor did you think about?

Proximity sensor

How many ultrasonic sensors can I connect to Arduino Mega 2560 ?
On the ultrasonic sensors description it said 15 degree, which direction in meant (X,Y,Z)?

Proximity sensor

Which is more or less another name for distance sensor. Which technology did you have in mind? Ultrasonic, IR, laser, mechanical?

Depending on the type of pot you want to detect an inductive solution may have good chances to generate an elegant solution.

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