distanse sensors

hi, i get Arduino yesterday. And i want to pay a lot of sensors eq: distance. But i don`t know what sensor is good form me. I interested for small price.

Can you get me a links to products? I live at Russia and product must be storing me.

Or may be you want unnecessary electronics details? I want to bay..

Sorry my English, thx.

i find this: http://www.bluemelon.org/index.php/Products/BM3009_Distance_sensor

price: ? 15,99 this is minimal price for this type of sensors?

any one?

Here is the same sensor without the wires http://www.trossenrobotics.com/sharp-ir-distance-sensor-gp2d12.aspx?feed=Froogle What are you trying to find the distance of and what distance?

may be wall. distance: 10-80cm

and shipping in Russia. http://www.trossenrobotics.com/robot-kits.aspx dont ship in Russia

We carry a few sensors, some more will added after Oct.6th including the distance IR sensors.

thx. i add to cart your products

A nice variety here, it depends on what type you are looking for.