Distorted fonts on 128X128 1.5 INCH OLED

Good afternoon!
I am using 1.5 inch OLED 128x128 white display module, made by waveshare.
The library to use is U8g2lib.h

Out of the big comprehensive list of displays, I have chosen the necessary line:

U8G2_SSD1327_EA_W128128_1_4W_SW_SPI u8g2(U8G2_R0, / clock=/ 13, / data=/ 11, / cs=/ 10, / dc=/ 9, / reset=/ 8);

And now I am running "Hello world" sketch out of sample book.

For some reason the font does not display correctly:

AREGH!YB - symbols A, R, E, H, ! are distorted.

Does anybody know why? Appreciate all replies!

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