Disturbence on Induino Hall effect sensor

Hey fellow Arduino enthusiasts,

For a project I am using a Induino hall effect sensor module (SE014). However, now I have a lot of disturbances on the sensor. I am using the digital cinnection to send a signal thats either high (1) or low (0) to the arduino. However when no magnet present the sensor still gives a high value. This causes the vibration motor to keep vibrating even tough the magnet is not present. Any tips on how to solve this on either the hardware or software area?

The connection is as follow: the plus pin goes to 5v, Gnd to Gnd, the digital pin to pin 2. Its a basic direct connection nothing special. A vibratiob motor is connected to pin 8 and gnd.


Disconnect the motor and look at the input signal. Is it the motor that causes the disturbance maybe?