DIY Arduino Board help

Pretty much followed this to a "T" minus the power supply I am using the power supply by elegoo for the bread board. I checked and hav 5 volts at pins 7,12, 21, 22 I have tried two different chips I ordered off of amazon that were supposed to be pre-loaded and my light doesn't flash when I turn on the power. Could I possibly have faulty chips?

I would try to program one of the chips before I call it faulty. Maybe it was advertised to have blink on it but really doesn't. You never know with some of those Amazon sellers.

Also, which pin do they say is supposed to be blinking? You know pin 13 on the board is not pin 13 on the chip. Which pin on the chip do you have the LED on?

Most likely it is the crappy design you are trying to follow. That design has no decoupling capacitors in it at all.

Also just saying I followed this and it doesn't work, is not too helpful because there is nothing we can check. At least a photograph of your attempts would give us a small clue as to what might be going wrong. How are you trying to program it?

I am assuming it should have blink on it due to having arduino UNO boot loader. I am using a Sabernet USB to serial adapter PL-2303 chip set (could be one problem) I figured out the pin thing after a little reading. I jumper the pins to the TX/RX pins to the chip (need to come up with a better solution.)

I am assuming it should have blink on it due to having arduino UNO boot loader.

You should never assume. Assumption is the mother of all f&%k-ups. Having the bootloader does not mean it comes pre-loaded with blink.


Ass u me Makes an ass out of you and me.


Looks like a faulty chip. I broke down and got a board from the local Shack. Put it in my circuit and instant blinky light. I put my chip in the uno board and I was unable to upload any thing. Going to see if I can burn a boot loader to my chips.

Got both ship with a boot loader now try to hack together a USB->Serial. I have pins 23 and three jumpered to the chip but it's not uploading.