DIY arduino only uploads via avrdude -VVVV

Hello ,

My diy arduino 168 using the mini ,5V , 16Mhz external crystal . Will only upload if i use this command in avrdude , else i get the regular sync error. I must use: -VVVV else it wont sync properly or something. I set the fuses correctly. avrdude -P com3 -b 19200 -c avrisp -p m168 -vvvv -e -U flash:w:atmega168.hex -U lock:w:0x0F:m

Is there a way i can change the way arduino uses the avrdude command so it also uses -VVVV so i can upload via arduino ide ?

Thanks !


Which bootloader did you install?

The same bootloader the arduino mini (168) 5v 16mjz uses. Of was the duemillinova or deciimilla bootloader. Im not dure CIZ Im at school.

Back from school :P I use the ATmegaBOOT_168_diecimila.hex from IDE 1.0 . When i upload via FTDI it does 80% of the uploading but then it gets out os sync.

Uploading a sketch via AVRDUDE or bootloading only works if i do -VVVV else it will get the same error in avrdude.

I hope you an help me :P


When you upload from the IDE with verbose output enabled, does the upload work?