DIY CNC gripper Problem (HELP)

Hi i am new in arduino and G-code
I am planning to do a project which is CNC 2 axis movement machine with gripper by using G code
i am using:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Adafruit Motor Shield L293D V1


3)Universal G-code Sender

I had flash GRBL into my arduino. Here is the few questions

1)Can G-code function with this Adafruit Motor Shield L293D V1?

2)Can G-code control also servo motor? Because in this project i am planning to use 2 stepper motor to move the machine in X and Y direction.While Servo Motor is planning to use at the gripper in order to gripper the workpiece.If can,How? If cant, then how should i able to function my servo motor?

Hope all Pro can help me

Apparently you did not read/study Home · grbl/grbl Wiki · GitHub before deciding what you wanted to do.