Hello All,
I have recently gotten hooked and love this new hobby. I would like my projects to look nice and I need a way to cut holes for the displays into plastic boxes etc. CNC machines are way beyond my budget. Does anyone know of any DIY CNC machines for small project box milling purposes? Or another method that will not produce crappy looking edges?

Also...I believe Maker Bot is a 3D printer. Is it expensive to buy the plastic that goes in it? Do you just make the prototype with a 3d printer to get a mold from or can you make your actual product case from it every time? Is that cost effective?

Thank You

Why not find a maker space and become a member? I think this would solve your problem much quicker.

Unfortinately Maker spaces are not in the vicinity of everyone. The least expensive hobby cnc machine I've seen is by Zen.

A cheap alternative for larger holes is the Q max punch

A decent drill press and a good selection of drill bits is much cheaper than a CNC mill.

The Shapeoko2 is reasonably priced: