Diy EEG?

Has anyone made one of these? I tried making one last night, using the arduino to read the output pins from the amplifier that I made (analog pins 0 and 2). So I can get it to spit back data on the serial monitor, and I can get the program to see that data is coming in, but nothing shows up. I am guessing that it's because my data a little whacky, but I have no idea what the standard values should be!

Anyway, here is the schematic I used,

And here is my code to read the values,

int val = 0;
int vala = 2;
void setup()
 // note that you should not call pinMode for the analog pins
 Serial.begin(9600); // initialise serial port for 9600 baud

void loop()

   val = analogRead(0); 
   delay(250); // delay 1/4 second between readings
  vala = analogRead(2); 
   delay(250); // delay 1/4 second between readings

Grabbed the code from a previous entry on the site, didn't make it myself, modified slightly.

Does it work? What exactly does it detect (i.e. concentration, Brain usage, Emotion strength)? and where are the electrodes and grounds placed on the head?