DIY fitbit enabled smart scale

Hi there,

I've got a Fitbit Charge HR wristband and I love it to bits, however I'm way too cheap to buy a Fitbit Aria WiFi scale so I decided to make one myself. I bought a BEEZ SM 1600B personal scale for the equivalent of ten bucks and I plan to "sniff" the communication between the board and the LED display. I'll use a 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini powered by a 18650 single cell LiPo and the most basc 433 MHz transmitter/receiver pair that I had laying around. The receiver will be connected to a WiFi enabled RaspberryPi.

My questions are the following:

  • What kind of a performance hit will I get if i only power the transmitter with 3.3 volts? I need around 25 ft and one concrete wall worth of juice. I don't mind using an antenna.
  • What kind of a "trigger" should I have to send the data? I don't want to log my flatmate's weight if he happens to step on the scale so it feels like I should have like a button and only that would send the data to the RPi. Otherwise it wouldn't get logged. Any ideas for better UX than a button on ground level?

I'll try to keep you guys updated with the project.

cheers, David


How did this project end up? Do you have any pictures of the progress of the project?


sorry, ended up just buying a FitBit Aria due to lack of time

I have the waveform of the 7 segment display for the scale though if interested