DIY ISS Notify project help.

I heard about this ISS notify lamp(open source project by Nathan Bergey ) which glows when the space station is overhead. I built a lamp..connected it to a arduino but then i found out the notify app which is to be installed on the pc and does the job of scraping data about iss off the internet is only for Gnome :frowning: I looked for the windows version but i couldn't find any that works. So i have decided to make my own. Here's what i have done.
I went to Nasa's website and turns out NASA actually offers an email notification service(for free) 12 hours before an upcoming space station overflight. I used and made a Gmail trigger. Whenever I receive an email (notification)from, it atomatically teewts the date and time of the received email ( using my twitter account(updates my status in case of facebook) . Now what i want to do is create an app which will read the date and time off my tweet(or my facebook status) and give instructions to my arduino uno (When to light the lamp.) As i am kinda noob in programming. :disappointed_relieved: What programming language should i use?? Where to start?? If you find any other simpler way of doing what i am trying to do then please suggest. Ps please don't suggest ideas which would use Ethernet shield..because i don't have one :stuck_out_tongue: and i can't buy one because i from a country where such things are hard to find. :slight_smile: so i will be using USB connection.