DIY MP3/OGG/FLAC player using Arduino and VS1053

I have interfaced the Arduino to the VS1053 decoder solution from VLSI to create my DIY mp3 player... It can actually play lossless FLAC at even 1000kbps, but that's pushing the 16mhz Arduino to its limit! It uses the awesome SdFat library to read from the SD card.....

I have tried to extensively document the creation of it at my blog at

I hope the information will be useful to anyone who is interested in mp3 decoding, or using SD cards for their projects.....

great work, thanks for sharing

The link does`t work =( Does anyone have any copy of that page?

I too am looking for these docs ...

Have you tried the VLSI Solutions website?
Reference designs can be found there also.
These guys have MP3 modules based around VS1053 and VS1003 I believe.
Easy to use, just send simple serial commands to start a file playing:
Serial.write (0x01); // up to 0xC7 (199 files)
00 is random play, there are also start/resume/pause/stop/random play.

vs1053.pdf (832 KB)