DIY Non Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, without an Arduino or a MCU

As we all know, the COVID-19 outbreak hit the world and changed our lifestyle. In this condition, Alcohol and hand sanitizers are vital fluids, however, they must be used properly. Touching alcohol containers or hand sanitizers with infected hands can spread the virus to the next person. In this video, we will build an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that uses IR sensors to detect the presence of a hand and activates a pump to pour the liquid on the hand. The intention was to find the cheapest and easiest solution and design a circuit. Therefore no Microcontroller or Arduino has been used. Two designs have been introduced and you are free to select and build any of them. The first design uses SMD components and the second design is even simpler. It uses DIP components on a small single layer PCB board.

YouTube: Hand Sanitizer/Alcohol Dispenser Circuit/DIY, Without an Arduino/MCU [Fight with COVID-19] - YouTube


Article: DIY Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, without Arduino or MCU - Technology -PCBway

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