DIY Nunchuck + MotionPlus Adapter

Howdy - just a quick one for anyone else that decides they want to 'upgrade' from jumper cables and dont have/can't wait for WiiChuck adapters.

I've written a quick blog post on how I made a combined Nunchuck/MotionPlus cable that was more secure than the jumpers I had been using with some vero-board scrap I had and a conductive pen.

I know its not really anything much - just some dremeling and soldering and making the board double-sided, but it might give some other people some ideas..

Check it out at and let me know if its either helpful or has gross errors.

  • Adrian

very cool, Ill have to check if my pc board is similar in size. Im planning on dremeling down a spare firewire connector or two to make a good solid connector for mine. Ive heard they work perfectly, but never seen a good picture of it. Just one of many things to try once I get into my new apartment. Btw, where did you get the circuitwriter pen? I used to see them at radioshack but they are long since gone now. I heard amazon has them but would rather buy from a store so if its dried up, I can return it.

Hmm - I'll have to try the F/Wire connector...

Re the CircuitWriter Pen: I got mine from the local (Australian) RadioShack equivalent - JayCar Electronics BUT It is made in the USA - Its CAIG Labratories brand, which is at but the specific product family seems to live at . Maybe just send them an email ? JayCar sell online too, and the two or three I've bought from there have always been fine - so you could just order it online anyway...

EDIT: The US Details for CAIGis: CAIG Laboratories (Poway, CA), (800) CAIG-123,

I see you built your own, but instead of the WiiChuck Adapter, for about the same price you can modify an Extension Cable for Wii Nunchuck:

Makes for a clean connection.

Thats not a bad suggestion - but I wanted one cable with two heads (One for Nunchuck, one for MotionPlus) and that would involve hacking up two cables... making it all up about a $15 cable delivered (more here in Australia) ... ;)

My nasty messy hack didn't cost me anything besides what was in my draw :)