DIY Project ideas for college dorm room

Hi everyone,
I am currently a college student and am working on some neat projects to improve my dorm room. Currently I am working on a multi touch screen, and a home automation system to control the lights, tv, radio etc. from my iPod touch.

What I am wondering is what other ideas do people have that they think would be doable DIY projects to make my dorm room awesome and high tech.
Any ideas are appreciated.

A quick peruse through the Exhibit forum turned up some ideas.

Well the most needed automatable item for a dorm room i can come up with, thinking (way) back to my own boarding school days is a heavy duty ventilation system :slight_smile:

what about the arduino 'knock' based door lock I saw on here a while back.... you could play hogwarts...


How about a way to visually depict the amount of beer ugh, soda... in your mini fridge. So you will know without opening the door whether or not you need to send someone of age to the store.

This was a really cool project I thought and is on my want to do list.

Basically you chose what music your system is playing by placing coasters over an RFID sensor. To me its the essence of physical computing.

Are you going in an X10 direction?

Can we come over to sample the beer from your automated cooler when it's all finished? (scratch that, these things always end up a never-ending WIP). :slight_smile:


Some good ideas thanks guys.
And yes flywaresoft I am planning on using x10.
Any other neat ideas?

Ooh, what about a Lunar rover? :wink: