DIY Shredder Alarm Clock

I often oversleep, so I’ve decided to create a device to punish me for doing so.
I made an alarm clock to get up earlier.

Let’s say I am to get up at 7 AM. I put a banknote inside the alarm clock and if I don’t hear the alarm, a countdown starts, a light starts to blink. And if I keep on sleeping a shredder tears my money to pieces.

It motivates, believe me.

I used:
1x Iskra Mega
1x Troyka Shield
1x Troyka Mega Tail Shield
1x Real-Time Clock (Troyka Module)
4x N-FET Power Key Array (Zelo Module)
3x Relay (Troyka Module)
3x Capacitive Touch Sensor (Troyka Module)
1x Quad Display (Troyka Module)
1x DFPlayer - A Mini MP3 Player For Arduino
1x Class-D Amplifier (Troyka Module)
1x Pull Up (Troyka Module)
2x Digital Line Sensor
4x Troyka Pads
1x Supply unit (12 V, 6000 mA)
1x Supply unit (5 V, 3000 mA)
4x Seven-segment display
1x Big button
2x Brush motor
1x Light socket Е27
1x Edison Bulb

The software is available here:

A video of the alarm working: My alarm clock is wasting my money! Seriously!? - YouTube

Hope you will enjoy)