DIY sound system with arduino

Hi everyone.
So I have a personal project to make a sound system in which I can play the main Android related music apps (Spotify, YT music, Tidal, etc.). So far I have the speakers and the main box with Bluetooth and Aux. My plan is to install Android in some device, install the apps via APK, with a touchscreen and an aux. But I know nothing about programming nor hardware setup, so I was wondering what should I know to do this, any videos, books or whatever. Maybe someone here already did something similar, if so I would appreciate if you could share what you've done.

Have you searched the forum?

I tried but I can't find the right keywords, you see English is not my native language. Otherwise I wouldn't be asking

Try "Bluetooth speaker"

No idea what you are trying to accomplish and what Arduino has to do with it. You have Android device which is capable of bluetooth and also has a headphones out, you have a speaker box with blue tooth and AUX. You can connect your android device either via bluetooth or directly to line in, why on Earth do you need Arduino?

Perhaps because according to YouTube, Arduino is the answer to everything electronic? :rofl:

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