DIY specific midi controller: Im kind of lost can anyone help?

(I speak french so my english may seem weird, and I dont have much knowlegde in electronics)

(I'm refering alot to this article: ... ing-teensy)


I have specific needs for my workflow in reaper; before ordering anything, can anyone tell me if my 'plan' is gonna work, and what to buy? (I own Zero SLMkII and APC40, but they both take too much place on my desktop, and I tend to always use about 6 or 8 controls; compact or mini alternatives look so crappy and cheaply built!)


  1. I need 2 endless encoders (infinite rotation); I want to have a great feeling while Im using my midi controller (so no cheap plastic knobs)

1rst knob - Main knob (reaper cc="control last touched parameters”)
2nd - scroll arrangement horz.

a) I was wondering: do you think I could use these knobs: ... op?ie=UTF8

with these 360 potentiometers: ... entiometer

b) Will the 360 potentiometer work with Teensy?


  1. I need at least 6 faders (busses' volume)

I was considering these sliders: ... entiometer

But the cost with shipping seems high (15$/6); any other suggestions?


  1. For other knobs (if I want to add more), I would go with these: ... ter+linear

Will they work with Arduino or Teensy?

(maybe 3-4 trigger switches would also be interesting (start, pause, etc) if you have suggestion; an on/off switch? ... gle+switch)

  1. Now the hardest part for me; I read some DIY tutorial and videos, but now Im totally confused on what to use and how to make it work (hardware and software).

So I guess I need:

1- Arduino (which one?)

or Teensy: ... teensy+3.1

or maybe this one? : ... ga328p+MCU

2- I guess some boards like these (1-2 for faders, one for knobs, etc.?)?: ... breadboard

....or this? (I dont wan't to solder if I dont need to) ... Stripboard

........and this?? ... +IC+socket

3- For the casing what would be the easiest options (wood/metal carving seems hard)?

4- Internal wire which one exactly? (there seem to have alot of differences from one another)

external wire other than usb?

5- ………......... anything else?! (haha! .. Im totally lost on that part)


Thanks a lot!